Sports Massage Therapy for New England Patriots

What is Sports Massage?– Massage geared towards athletes, professional to weekend warriors. Techniques used are specific to the sport or activity focusing on the repetitive stress and movements

Benefits of Sports Massage-  Promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue and delayed onset muscle soreness, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries by providing fresh blood circulation to the areas and prepares body and mind for optimal performance

Pre-Event vs. Post Event- Pre-event is more for preparation of the muscles, warming them up, increasing oxygenated blood flow to the area and flexibility. Post Event is more aimed towards reducing muscle soreness and decreasing the recovery time during training or an event

Massage Therapy and the New England Patriots- Massage has been used during the rehabilitation process of professional athletes for many years. Rick Horton, The Bodywork Education Project, introduced massage to the New England Revolution during their first few seasons and initiated the program for the New England Patriots. Clarene  DiBona, Muscle Medics Therapeutic & Sports Massage out of Weymouth, became one of the team massage therapists in 1998.

Why do pro athletes recover faster than amateurs?- Sports is a day job for professional athletes. If they are injured and cant play they must attend all physical therapy, chiropractic  appointments. If they miss an appointment they could be fined. Since its their job, their goal is to return to the level of play they could before if not better. Most pro athletes have hot tubs, cold tubs, ice machines, massage therapists and yoga instructors to keep their bodies in tip top shape.

Tom Brady Sports Therapy

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