Plagued by Neck & Upper Back Pain?

Neck and shoulder pain is seen in many of my clients, stemming from occupational overuse injuries, stress, posture, recreational activities. Most of these ailments can be avoided if we practice self-care techniques throughout the day. After sessions I typically suggest using ice or heat, and certain stretches for the certain body area worked most that day. Not many of us follow the self-care plans set forth by professionals. It can be as easy as setting 5 minutes aside at your desk or when you wake up and can help prevent headaches/migraines. As I tell most of my clients, if you feel as if a headache is coming on use heat around the neck, if you feel a migraine coming on use ice at the base of your skull.

Below please see some neck and upper back stretches that I use most often, especially after exercise or working. Especially important during the holiday season.

neck stretches

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