Overcoming Plateaus

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Did you lose weight for weeks and then all of a sudden the scale wont budge anymore? It’s normal. The key to losing more weight after the plateau is to change up your routine. 

Here are some helpful tips for you to overcome weight loss plateaus:

  • Think of your dream image of yourself. Set new goals.
  • Record everything you eat. Keeping track of what you consume is the first step to realizing the calories you are inputting.
  • Keep track of your exercise calories burned to see the difference between input and output.
  • Monitor your progress, track your behavior and remember reward yourself with something else besides food.
  • Try cutting your food intake by 100 to 200 calories.
  • When eating out, ask for a to-go box. Put half of it away. Most restaurant meals contain way too many calories.
  • Eat protein and fruits and vegetables to manage hunger pains.
  • Mix up your exercise routine by adding more strength training. More lean muscle burns more fat when at rest.
  • Wear a pedometer and count your steps. Aim for 10,000 daily.
  • Try out some yoga to avoid stress eating
  • You must understand that everyone loses weight differently. Some people are impulsive, oblivious, uptight, tenacious and sociable. Impulsive people are those who see temptation and go for it. You must work on removing that temptation. The oblivious pay no attention to what they eat (while watching TV for instance). You need to avoid these situations. Those who are uptight due to stress, anxiety, nervousness might have more difficulty because they might associate food with feeling better and less stressed. Those who are tenacious have an easier time because their mindset is on being self-directed, cooperative and are able to stick to things easier.

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